Questions and answers about the works of engraving

You have to come to headquarters for a job?

No, all requests for tender are sent by email.
Because we are constantly working meetings with the beneficiaries shall be made only if absolutely necessary. We apologize for this but most are against the clock works!

There is a general offer price?

There is no such offer because every job is different, the final price is calculated based on the material used, complexity and execution procedure.

Laser can be severe eg flammable objects. lighters?

Yes, both can be serious and laser driver.

It can be a serious piece eg pen, lighter etc. ?

Yes, but should be taken into account and performing stamping samples, the cost is very high


It is always beneficial, we have no team assembling in special cases like signage for a hotel with specialized companies have cloraborare assembly.

You can work with customer's materials?

Yes we work with customer's materials eg promotional only to the client that must be customized.

Fiser necessarily need a graphic engraving to a charge?

If we talk about certain designs, logos so it takes a file in vector format, but we can carry it out in November for you against a modest cost.

What is the delivery time for a job?

Usually 14 days maximum, but depending on volume and works at that time or how many of harried customer, are works that can deliver in a day.

Terms and conditions of payment?

In any type of work is 50% and 50% advance when ready livrat.In work if the client wants in a very short implementation work will pay 100% advance. In case of default, our company has a contract with a debt collection company and the debt to us will be in debt to the company that trensforma.

We offer work samples that will be executed?

When it comes to a work with a very large sample and run the sample client.




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