Wood engraving


Wood engraving

Laser engraving on wooden objects is a true masterpiece. The appearance of the final product is exceptional is possible to make even a picture in detail. It can be done on any type of wood, but hard wood essences are preferred.
Photo engraving on wood is done with special software that transforms a images in to vector format. Personalize pencil boxes, wine, wooden boxes, trinkets, clever pencil, rulers, photo frames, cup holders, bottle openers, fridge magnets, labels, promotional objects, furniture handles, door handles, tool handles, beads.
We can manufacture to order various figures: cubes, candle holders with one or more candles, refrigerator magnets, key chains, wine bottle holder, soap holder, napkin holder, desk pad support, bottle openers with your text or logo on it.
If tree is good to be avoided, it does not last too well in time. Recommended beech, hair, teak, cherry, Ipe.

Wood engraving Wood engraving Wood engraving
Wood engraving Wood engraving Wood engraving
Wood engraving Wood engraving 3D laser Wood laser engraving
wood box laser engraving Jesus Laser engraving Jesus Laser engraving
wine box Laser engraving aztec engraved church Laser engraving
wood sinage engraved portrait engraved



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