Dimensional letters 3D

Dimensional letters

Execute on command dimensional letters made of any material. For the interior volume can be made of Plexiglas extruded Liet. For outdoor recommend dimensional letters ABS, cast acrylic, stainless steel, these materials have a high resistance to weathering and a great-looking, premium, any building facade.
Stainless steel letters dimensional lighting can be achieved by direct, indirect or high density while back and have the highest. They can be matte or gloss.
Also you can make different colors of dimensional letters respecting such branding firm.
Have a great impact and volume of letters such as natural stone: granite, marble, limestone, etc. Vrata. And they can illuminate the request.
There are alsovariant letters dimensional polystyrene or PVC, lightweight and durable enough to be cur vopsii desired RAL color.
Depending on where they are mounted indoors or outdoors or type of facade on the outer can choose the perfect material to the case.
LED illuminated dimensional letters of the last generation with a very low consumption and a very long time resistance.
Dimensional letters painted in electrostatic field RAL color of your choice
Very large dimensional letters, jumbo, confectioante weatherproof materials.
For the jumborange of variant letters Mounting offer specialized.
Execution of letters, numbers, logo design by professional vectrorial on CNC machines.

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